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Instant Math and my Lesson in Learning!

November 22, 2009

Although my son can now read 100 words, there are still some that he can’t say. Occasionally we play a little game, where I ask him to pass me certain words. He almost never fails to bring me the correct word, even when he can’t yet verbalise that particular word.

I haven’t yet got around to purchasing Glenn Doman’s – How to Teach Your Baby Math: The Gentle Revolution – but it is certainly something I will be buying in the near future.

Soon after I began to teach my son to read, I decided to experiment by teaching him a little maths too. When I say Maths, I’m actually just teaching numbers for the moment – or quantity to be precise.

Up until a week ago I had been feeling a little disheartened and allowed the numbers to fall by the wayside a little. It seemed my son knew two and four very well, and after a few weeks he added six to his repertoire. Unfortunately, any other numbers up to ten were also two, four or six.

I hadn’t gone beyond ten because I thought that he just wasn’t getting it. And even though I knew I should be moving on and that I should trust that he’d learnt them – I thought I knew best, I was blinkered by traditional education.

It occurred to me to try the word game with numbers, and of course it came as no real surprise and yet the greatest thrill, that he did indeed know all of the numbers 1-10! It was a timely lesson, which I thought I’d already learnt; have faith in your child, his ability to learn is a natural and beautiful thing. We should all be teaching our children, not testing them – Lesson learnt!

Here’s the short Doman video I used to start teaching my son instant math.

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