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DIY Montessori

November 25, 2009

Some time ago, to entertain my son whilst I was busy hand stitching, I made him a little project of his own. I used a scrap of leather, a hole punch and a long shoe lace tied into the first hole.

It did entertain him for a short while, but what I found really amazing was how quickly he picked it up. I showed him only once how to stitch around the edge, after that he did it every time without assistance. 

Recently I came across a Montessori video (above) which demonstrates lacing. It’s basically the same thing I did with my little scrap of leather – but no doubt my little project was a lot cheaper! Which was lucky for me. Because, after lacing the thing up a handful of times he was no longer interested.

I will add a picture of my little DIY Montessori project, just as soon as it stops raining and I can retrieve my camera!

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