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 All Children are Born Geniuses

According to a Harvard study  all children are born geniuses. By the time they get into their twenties 98% lose this potential. (Personally, I don’t believe we can lose our potential as such – but that’s a different story!) The point is, how can we help our children tap into this extraordinary potential – and become all that they can (or choose to) be?

I have a beautiful, bright and charming, 2 year old son, and many years before he was born I decided that I wanted to help my children to be extraordinary. I read many books and articles whilst I was pregnant, but for all my good intentions, I found myself putting off helping my tiny baby to learn and grow in the way I’d hoped I would. In my heart and mind I knew that  these early years were critical and time was quickly slipping away. And as he began his approach to his second year, panic set in. So a few weeks before his second birthday, I started to teach my son to read. Almost two months later and he can read almost 100 words. He can also complete a 40 piece jigsaw at the speed of light! My son is AMAZING! But so is every child – given the opportunity. I want every parent to know that their child is a genius and to understand how to help them achieve their greatness. So I am writing this blog as a record of my own journey to grow my child’s incredible potential, and as a reference for anyone who would like to do the same.

P.S. I am NOT a pushy parent, and I believe that pushing your child will only cause them to shrink inwards or away (from you and their potential!). Children are learning at a 100 miles a minute, and everything is play. Let your child guide you, let it be fun, let there be laughter and let there be light-ness – to their learning.

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